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Summer Collection
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Summer Collection

Curated Case

$124.00 NZD

$99.20 NZD

6 varieties: 24 x 330ml cans

Our "Trust the Cidermaker" collection is a great way to take a journey through the wild and wonderful range of Peckham's ciders.

This is a case of six different thirst quenching, fun, lighter style ciders that still have plenty of depth and interest - ciders to relax with on a hot summer’s day or evening.

- 4x Elderflower 5.6% – floral, light and fresh
- 4x Apple 5.7% – the quintessential apple cider
- 4x Orange-A-Tang 5.5% – mandarin and tangelo citrus burst
- 4x Farmhouse 5.5% – toffee, apple skin, woody funk and honeycomb
- 4x Boysenberry 5.4% – fresh berry deliciousness
- 4x Sweet Frenchie 5% – rich, smooth, juicy

 If you'd like a bit more information on this case and the thinking behind the selection here is a link to Summer Collection notes