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Cyser 2021
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Cyser 2021

330ml can

$5.99 NZD

9.6% abv

Alex didn't hold back on this one (did he ever?)  Pure Kingston Black cider apple juice blended with 30kg of the finest honey we know of – honeydew honey from beech forests in Buller just a few kms away.

The royal Kingston Black needs little introduction. The honey is made from those tiny droplets of sweet tasting ‘dew’ that dot the trunks of beech forest trees. Created by the bees from the tree's sap, this spectacular honey is uniquely different in taste and colour from honey made from flower blossom, and in our opinion, nothing beats it.

Wild fermented and matured for over a year, this Cyser has a dry backbone, softened and lifted by earthy, rich honey notes. A fantastic combination!

Apples: Kingston Black

Yeasts: Wild yeasts

Aged in oak barrels

Residual sweetness: 5g/l

Serve: Cool (7 - 10°C)