the people behind Peckham's
the people behind Peckham's
Peckham's Cider
the people behind Peckham's

Both of us (Alex and Caroline) have been cider making for quite a while now, having planted our first cider apples in New Zealand in 2004. Since then, we have amassed a great deal of experience on growing cider trees and making cider under New Zealand conditions.

We moved onto our current orchard in 2007, and have been planting and grafting ever since. We soon outgrew our first apple press and cidery, and in 2012 we built a new cider barn and imported an apple juicing line from Europe. A second tank room followed the year after, and every inch is now full. We are driven by working to make our ciders ever better and on experimenting with new cider making techniques.

Peckham's has grown to be more than the two of us, and we now have a small team of cider warriors working by our side.

Rodrigo Escobedo, a winemaker, works with Alex. Day to day, he keeps the cidery ticking and works closely with Alex to craft delicious ciders.

Kevin Mayes is a farmer and folk singer. He manages the orchard. He is so good at mending things from tractors to presses that he keeps getting taken off the job - he still manages to find time to keep the trees in shape.

Nicola Honing does a bit of everything. As well as managing the harvests, Nicola helps with bottling, pruning and anything else that needs doing.

Jenny Beasley is our office admin star, and keeps everything ticking. If you phone us you are likely to talk with her... and of course there are those enthusiastic, young travellers at busy times – which seems to be most of the time, come to think of it.

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