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In autumn, harvest is upon us. Our climate is warmer than the environments from which most of our cider varieties originate from. The days are still hot, and the trees struggle to hold onto their charges as the fruit ripens. We bite our nails and wait.

Once we start the harvest, a slow trickle of apples into the cidery becomes an avalanche. Soon apple bins are piled high in every bit of available shade.

The pressing starts, the tanks fill - the promise of new cider for the following year is so exciting. The orchard, a few weeks ago laden with fruit, thins and the flow of apples slows to a trickle and stops. It all takes three months.

Rainbow Cider Apples Sweating Misty Cider Orchard 1 Rainbow over the cider Orchard Misty Cider Orchard 2 Fallen Cider Apple Harvested Cider Apples Quinces The Pear Block