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330ml Can

$5.49 NZD

3.5% abv

This fabulous Ciderkin is dry, super refreshing and only 3.5% abv while still having loads of heritage apple flavour.  In fact, we think the flavour is so good, you won't even notice this isn't a traditionally made cider!

Ciderkin is naturally lower in alcohol than our other ciders because it is made by soaking pressed apple skins which results in a much lower sugar content before fermentation.  For this ciderkin we soaked the skins for 48 hours to extract as much flavour as possible.  With much less sugar to ferment, we've end up with a really tasty drink with only 3.5% abv.

So good for summer!  Stock up now.

Residual sweetness: 15g/l

Apples: Stoke Red, Kingston Black, Chisel Jersey, and Brown's