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Fresh Hopped x Duncan's Brewing Co
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Fresh Hopped x Duncan's Brewing Co

330ml Can

$6.49 NZD

Fresh Hopped is a special collaboration with our friends at Duncan's Brewing Company, a celebration of our two harvests coming together.

Duncan's works with Eggers Hop Farm for their hops each year which is located a stone's thrown from our orchard.  Together with the Duncan's team, we collected fresh hops straight off the bine from Eggers and brought them back to the cidery.

For the freshest hop cider in the land with beautiful lush hop flavour, our cidermaker Jody, added the hops to a partially fermented cider and then over night the fermentation completed with the fresh hops soaking.

The result is a fabulously aromatic cider, dry in style with a delightful citrus and tropical character coming from the fresh Motueka hops.  Balanced and fruity, the hops and the apple flavour are perfectly integrated for a refreshing cider.

5.4% ABV

Apples: Brown's, Kingston Black, Tom Putt

Hops: Motueka from Eggers Hop Farm

RS: 15g/L